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E3 Enterprises Nevada is a real estate service company that helps people sell their homes in 7 days or less by buying it.  We are NOT Real Estate agents or brokers looking for listings.  Our main focus is to assist homeowners who have gotten caught in the real estate collapse and are now unable to sell their homes using conventional methods.

In additional to our associates that work directly with us we are affiliated with the, Equity Holding Corp  which is a company that provides Trustee Services which we feel is the best program in the country for doing any kind of real estate transactions.  We are also affiliated with their sister company, Equity Management Services, LLC, a national company focused on collections and disbursements of income and cash-flow from properties held in trust by EHC    We are also affiliated with several local Las Vegas real estate organizations with a combined membership well over 4000 investors as well as being members of a national organization of real estate investors numbering in excess of 300,000.

If you would like to obtain additional information regarding what we have available through our affiliations including Equity Holding Corp  please click this link and you’ll be redirected to our affiliate website  www.EHTransfer.com or feel free to contact me by phone or text  at 702-250-7841.

Our Power Team                                                                                                     

team-of-professionals 150X121Our company is made up of two primary principals, John L. Sheldon and Todd Bryan plus a small support staff.  However we could not be as effective as desired without the efforts and assistance from several of our associates whom we have worked with for some time.  Below is just a partial list of the associates we have known and worked with for some time.

John L. Sheldon – Owner  John purchased his first home using creative financing back in 1967. Since then, John has purchased numerous homes using creative house buying techniques. John has only used conventional financing 3 times when buying new homes where creative financing was not available.

 Beginning in 1978 and continuing until present day, John has attended numerous educational events in an effort to stay abreast of the ever changing markets as well as to continue learning new methods of purchasing properties.  In late 2015 John attended a 3 day event put on by Open Door Wealth Mastery and learned there are over 50 reasons to use an Illinois Land Trust to take possession of any income type real estate. Since that event John uses, and recommends everyone use, the Illinois Trust administered by EHC.

John has also attended events put on by Ron Le Grand, Marko RUbel, and Dean Graziosi just to name a few.  Due to his overall experience and background John is very proficient in creative financing including no money and low money down transactions.  

Having changed career paths in 1981 John has spent over 35 years in the insurance industry, 29 of which were as a property adjuster. As a result, John is extremely proficient in estimating structural damages, a beneficial skill when acquiring & rehabbing of properties.

Dr Carl Amodt – Partner and Associate

Jeff Hatcher – Partner and Associate

Diane Stewart – Associate

Gregory Castillo – Associate

Dave Rooker – Mortgage broker

Rod Buttars – Real Estate Attorney

Edward D. Kania – Real Estate Eviction Attorney

Robert Noggle – Real Estate Attorney 

Jared Johnson – Real Estate  Attorney 

Melinda Deacon – CPA and tax consultant



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