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man overwelmed with paperwork 150x150FAST, EASY, FREE!  It’s no where near as hard to sell your home as this picture implies.  As indicated on our home page, we help people sell their homes in 7 days or less by buying it.  If you are in need of selling your home and don’t have the time to wait months for an agent to find a buyer we could be your solution.  And when we buy your home YOU determine the closing date.  We don’t want you to be pressured with having to move before your ready.  We allow you to stay in the home as long as necessary for you to make your move,

flashingsoldsign2Instead of being the seller in the above picture this can be you in 7 days. Once we have obtained all the necessary details we will structure a minimum of three different fair purchase offers and present them to you within 24 hours.  There is no risk or obligation, you determine which, if any, of our offers you’re most comfortable with and best suit your needs.   We do not use “hard sell” techniques.  If you like what we have to offer, great.  If not, we will thank you for your time and get out of your hair.

PLEASE NOTE that we also purchase MANUFACTURED HOMES as long as they meet oClayton MH 02 150x110ur stringent criteria.  For us to consider purchasing your manufactured home it must located on a lot also owned by you with the land being sold with the home.  The home must be at least a 1985 model and preferably at least 24 feet wide, however we will make exceptions in some instances. Ideally we prefer the home has been converted to real estate but that is not a critical factor in our determination.

STUCK IN AN UNDERWATER PROPERTY??   We are especially interested in helping people that shortsale-foreclosure-150x119are struggling with an underwater property and trying to not have their credit destroyed. Frequently we are able to purchase your home, even if you’re a few payments behind, save your credit AND at times help you with moving expense.  If nothing else we can explain the options available to you and help you find assistance to possibly keep your home by working out a loan modification with your bank.

In dealing with us, you eliminate the daily effort of dealing with the long checklist of updating your property, making all of the long-needed repairs that you have put off for years, cleaning everything from top to bottom, repainting, permits, landscaping, the list goes on and on.


When you sell your property to a retail buyer they nit-pick every little detail of your property.  Even if your property is in good shape, they will not like something about it.  We want to purchase your property as is.  One simple conversation over the phone is all it takes.

Frequently asked questions

I owe more on my property than it is worth, can you help me?

The answer is: maybe.  Until we speak with you, we cannot promise anything, however, if you are starting to fall behind on your mortgage payments we may be able to help.  This can be a very complicated situation, but not a hopeless one.  Do not give up until you speak with us.

Why you should sell your property to us:

The obvious and best reasons for selling to us is a quick sale.  Ben Franklin was the first to say, Time is money.  The purchase by our company includes procedures such as an inspection, appraisal and the signing of closing documents, but since we typically avoid the mortgage process and do not need to negotiate on the terms of the sale, the process is very fast.

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