“COULD YOU USE AN EXTRA $500, $1000, or $5000 PER MONTH?


 What we are looking for!

 We need a person that is responsible and motivated to find the best deals in their area.  You are your areas local information researcher.  If you want the opportunity to work with us you need to become good at finding properties that are for sale or likely to become for sale by owner, preferably.  Once accepted into our program you will get a list of areas that we need you to work based on information we have developed.

We will give you pointers on how to keep track of your progress and leads so it will be your responsibility to maintain accurate records.  You need to be able to track the leads you send over to us because we don’t want to deal with duplicate leads unless they are submitted 60-90 days apart.

About Us

We are a local real estate service company and are affiliated with a NATIONWIDE company based in San Diego, CA.  We Buy, Sell, Rent2Own, houses  and small multi-unit apartments in the local area.   We also periodically hold properties we have acquired for long term cash flow. For several years we have been helping homeowners by providing proven real estate solutions.

peoplebusiness 150X90We are in the people and relationship business more than the real estate business.  Our mission is to help people find solutions to the real estate challenges they may be facing as a result of our current economic times.  We strive to accomplish our mission through education and showing homeowners solutions to their problems, some of which may be outside of the box and not widely known nor used.  We are“…a Real Estate Solutions Company.”

Many people want or need to sell their home but do not realize all of their options. With the help of people like you, we can provide solutions for more and more people. We pay you at closing for letting us know about an available property that we buy!

Start Your Own Business

Real-estate-biz 250X191You may have never thought about real estate investing but would like to earn some extra cash fast that you can do part time, on your schedule and that you don’t have to spend money buying anything at all just to get started.   If that’s the case this may be your opportunity, there’s NOTHING for you to buy, NO INVENTORY to keep in your garage, and best of all there is NOTHING FOR YOU TO SELL (except maybe your sincerity to help people)!  We do most of the hard work, we talk to the property owner, we research the property, we do the due diligence, and we make the offer! Your job is just to find ‘underwater‘ (‘upside-down’ on their mortgage: i.e. they owe more to their lender/bank than the property is worth) or distressed sellers that NEED to sell their house and WE PAY YOU CASH when your referral closes! It’s really that simple.

Interested but have questions?

Here’s How It Works

It’s a pretty simple process.   If you know anyone, neighbor, friend, family member or meet anyone who is behind on their payments or need to sell their house as soon as possible but they are over leveraged or “up-side-down” on their mortgage? Have you seen an empty house that’s in good condition but the yard is overgrown on your block?  Or as you’re out and about town doing errands you notice properties that are in decent condition but appear to be vacant, have a for sale by owner or a for rent/lease sign in the yard.  Maybe you know or meet someone who is behind on their payments? Maybe you’ve noticed a house on the market for months and months that hasn’t sold – they may be ‘upside-down’.

So, what do you do if you know or meet someone like that or notice a home like what we described?  You contact the homeowner (family, friend, neighbor, etc.) and let them know you work with someone that buys houses in any condition or price range in their neighborhood and you ask if they would like you to have someone from the company contact them.  If they’re interested in talking with us or having us make them an offer just provide us with their contact information and we’ll handle the rest. When we call them we’ll answer all of their questions and schedule an appointment to inspect the property and after doing our homework we’ll make them an offer. PLEASE NOTE that these same things apply to small multi-unit apartment complexes that are distressed or going up for sale.  

After our inspection we’ll begin our ‘due diligence’ process, i.e. research the property to verify ownership and property taxes, check to be sure there are no liens on the property, and run comps to determine the market value of the property.  Once we complete our due diligence process and have determined the property fits our purchase model – we will present them an offer in writing to buy the property.  Once our offer is accepted we schedule the ‘closing’ using our title company and/or attorney – when the transaction closes the escrow company will issue you a check for your referral fee, a minimum of $500 or MORE.

NOTE: Normally this entire process can take as little as 7 days and in some cases as much as 30 days, depending on the property, complexity, and the homeowner’s timeline for moving.  We will keep you advised through the entire process so you know when to expect to be paid.

Now that your first transaction is finished what do you do next??  

You go do it again of course!

But don’t wait for your first one to close!  You’ll be kept up to speed with the status of the closing, the best thing you can do is to go find the next one.  We are in a position to buy several properties per month so it should be obvious that this is an opportunity for you to make some significant part time, and possibly a serious full time income!

TODAY you have the opportunity to change your life and your family’s lives forever!  Why not get started right now? Also, if you’d like to learn more about real estate investing, there is no better time or way to start. It doesn’t take money, credit or any extensive knowledge, just the desire to learn something new. There are of full-time investors today that got their start by referring properties to investor buyers!  If you find that this business is something that works for you you’ll never have to worry about a job the rest of your life.  As some unknown author once said and I truly believe “If you love what you do you’ll never have to work another day in your life”.


There are several ways to find and/or obtain leads.  Just to name a few: You can call on Craigslist or other FSBO ads, you can advertise yourself on Craigslist and other FREE internet sites, you can advertise in free publications, you can place bandit signs, you can do mailings from a lead source list, or you can knock on doors from a lead source list.  We can provide you with some lead names and addresses if you’d like to work a lead source list.

We have taken the guess work out of talking to motivated sellers.  We have put together a phone script so when you find a lead you will be able to call the lead and extract the information we need to make the deal happen.  Our script is very simple and it is recommended that you tailor it to your personality so it will flow with your style of speech.  Our script is designed to obtain the necessary information with an emphasis on WHY the property is for sale. What is the seller’s motivation, is he distressed in some manner or another, and/or is he or might he be flexible and be willing to offer terms.  The key to finding truly good leads is to determine the sellers DMF, Distress * Motivation * Flexibility.  At least 1 of these 3 MUST be present or you’re wasting your time, as well as ours if you submit the call results to us.  The more of these factors present the better the opportunity and if all 3 are present that opportunity should be a slam dunk.

So now what??  Pick up the phone and call us, or send us an email.  The sooner you do the sooner you can get started making some extra money.

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